Payment Terms:

étre verni requires complete payment for all listed services, as well as any ad hoc, or customized, packages. Ad hoc services will be subject to a retainer fee set at the discretion of Alexandra Verni, owner of étre verni, with the agreement of the client. All appointments are subject to a consultation fee at the sole discretion of Alexandra Verni or a member of the staff.

étre verni requires all clients to submit payment information for one (1) credit card to keep on file, as well as an official state ID or driver’s license number coinciding with the client’s legal name. The client’s credit card will not be charged unless it is the chosen payment method, or if payment submission is unsuccessful. In the case of unsuccessful payment submission, the client will be notified by Alexandra Verni prior to being charged. By signing the service contract, the client acknowledges that the choice payment method is valid and legitimate.

étre verni accepts payment via credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, Venmo and now, the cash app. We aim to make payment as easy as ever. Payment must be in USD, no exceptions. Payment made in cash must be documented in junction with explicit prior authorization by Alexandra Verni and may be subject to submission of additional contract signature. ètre verni is a division of AGV Consulting, LLC wherein all charges made by credit will appear as such on your billing statement.

The client must submit payment to étre verni by the expiration of the agreed upon latest date of payment listed in the service agreement contract. Failure to pay will result in an automatic charge to the credit card on file in addition to a late fee of 10% of agreed upon service value. Client will be notified of the charge, but must forfeit the appropriate funds in accordance with signature of the service contract. Client is in charge and fully responsible for making payments on time and in full. étre verni is not responsible for covering any of client’s costs or fees.