About Us

ètre verni: although the exact origin is unsure, 'verni' meaning varnished began equating to “lucky or happiness” circa 1901. Commonly,  someone of varnish sees slipping on all the problems. He therefore has no concern, and this is necessarily explained by an excess of luck.
A later example dicates, varnished paintings were more likely to be sold in an exhibition than the others. As a result, a painter 'varnished', would be an artist whose paintings would sell well. And, by extension, 'Verni' would have become a synonym for 'luck'. They do not linger and only chance stays. "Vernis" French for Polished, a pillar for luxury, helped inspire our name and thus ètre verni was born; a platform in which we aim to educate, inspire, and curate a collection of how we dress today integrating digital into your daily life to make your experience as simple and efficient as possible. We hope to create a retail renaissance in our own way, bringing exclusivity back to luxury and educating those we work with.
Founded by Alexandra Verni, turned her penchant for luxury into a pedigreed background in retail, e-commerce, and genuine love of sales into something tangible. After studying Marketing in New York City, she realized although there were resale sites, consignment stores, and wardrobing services, there was a noticeable gap in the market. With much experience, she realized how overwhelming this process can be for a client.
A boho luxe website specializing in a carefully curated selection of products to share along with with styling and wardrobing services by private appointment only. Inquire for details.